Each time I create a gem I do the same search again and again. I keep saving the URLs in here and there and it’s really getting awkward. So I decided to write my own post about it.


bundle gem GEMNAME
bundle gem GEMNAME
Creating gem 'GEMNAME'...
MIT License enabled in config
      create  GEMNAME/Gemfile
      create  GEMNAME/lib/gemname.rb
      create  GEMNAME/lib/gemname/version.rb
      create  GEMNAME/gemname.gemspec
      create  GEMNAME/Rakefile
      create  GEMNAME/README.md
      create  GEMNAME/bin/console
      create  GEMNAME/bin/setup
      create  GEMNAME/.gitignore
      create  GEMNAME/LICENSE.txt
Initializing git repo in /full/path/gemname

Packaging The Gem Into Gem File

gem build GEMNAME.gemspec

Pushing The Gem to Rubygems.org

gem push GEMNAME-0.0.1.gem